Sunday, 18 March 2012

C for Chatterbox

Vest top: h&m
Shirt: Primark
Wet look leggings: New Look
Jacket: Miss Selfidge 
Belt: New Look
Bag: Vintage fair
Ring: Accessorize
Boots: KG (unseen)

I went out for drinks with the housemates last night and I had no tights as they were all in the wash. I have nightmares about things like that happening. My flatmate got some wet look leggings last week and they looked really nice on so I thought I would get my old beauties out. I have these for a few years now and I used to wear them all the time for going out and I would always were them for gigs as they were comfy and really easy to wear with a long top and biker boots. It was nice wearing some thing other than a dress or skirt for a change despite it begin out of my comfort zone. Maybe I will get a pair of nice jeans for going out in when I  go shopping? Too far??

I said in my last post that I have been really busy with uni work this week so I don't think I will do a Sunday Summary like I normally do as I haven't took any pictures this week - and what is a blog post without pictures. Me and Laura had a girls night on Wednesday after finishing our last ever grammar presentation :) We had pre-drinks while watching some old sex and the city episodes. We have been watching the box set for over a year and are only up to season 4 so far - we really need to up our game. We then headed to town on the last bus so there was no queue to get in Sugar so we had big smiles as it is normally about an hour. We were both rubbish and didn't take any outfit pictures but I am sure i will wear my dress again sometime to show you.

I also had my last Stylistics presentation this week which was really bittersweet. I was really glad to have all my presentations done for the year however Stylistics is my favorite module and my lecturer who is also the tutor is retiring this year and it makes me very very sad. He is amazing, I have never met anyone who is so passionate about their work and I have to say that it is infectious. Stylistics is the linguistic analysis of literary texts so it is the perfect mix of lit and language for me and Mick Short who is my lecturer has done so much work in this field and is one of the best stylistions in the world and has done a lot of work with Geoff Leech (for all you language geeks) who used to work at Lancaster. I am hoping to do my own stylistic analysis for my dissertation, I am pretty sad that I won't have Mick as my supervisor however he has assured me that their are other in the department who can supervise but they are not as good as him :) Mick is famous for wearing bow ties rather than ties so for our final lecture on Monday we are all going to wear bow ties, I have actually borrowed one of his to wear and he taught me how to tie it. I will make sure I get a picture of me in the bow tie.

Sorry for the long post, I went off on a bit of tangent. I also want to say Happy Mother's Day to my amazing mummy! We are celebrating mothers day next week as I finish for easter this week so will be home for a few weeks. I will do a post next week on what I bought my mum and about how lovely she is. I bought her present a few weeks ago and I am so bad with presents, I always want to give them out as soon as I buy them and my mum is my favorite person to shop for - I always want to get her everything. 


  1. i love your new blog layout bestie! looking good.

  2. love the look and the jacket!!


  3. Followed. And maybe you will stop by me someday.

  4. love your outfit!