Wednesday, 29 February 2012

R for Red and Black

Top: Primark
Skirt: h&m
Jacket: Miss Selfridge 
Ring: Vintage fair

I haven't done an outfit of the day in ages. I keep forgetting to take a picture, my laziness also plays a part as I am always rushing in the morning so I never have time and as soon as I get back in I put my pajamas on. I have mentioned my new jacket in my past two but I really have worn it everyday. I got this top a few weeks ago from primark and I have picked it up a few times and always put it back but I decided that today was going to be the day. The collar and buttons give it a girly feel which I thought went well with the toughness of the jacket. I have this skirt in a few colours but I liked the red one with this outfit as it adds a nice bit of colour to the outfit.

I have been in uni today for my grammar presentation (We got an A!! - It is not yet official but I saw her notebook from where I was sat) and then I went to into town just to pick up a few things. Surprise surprise I ended up in new look... I will never learn. I was really good however and didn't buy any clothes, I just ran to the back of the shop and hid in the accessories section. They still have their buy one get one free offer on so I did end up picking up two rings but I think I deserve it for not buying any clothes (I saw so many things which I liked, sadface).

New Look rings: £2.99 and £3.99

Monday, 27 February 2012

H for Haul

New jacket from Miss Selfridge 
 £52 but £46 with student discount

mentioned in my post yesterday that I went to the Fort in Manchester and I thought I would share my purchases with you all. I have been looking for a leather jacket for ages, I had almost given up hope on finding one I liked. My mum's friend wanted to go in outlet which has a few different shops and I am so glad she did as I stumbled across this beauty. It is lightweight and very soft which makes me happy, the zips and buttons give it a slight edginess but it is a simple easy to wear style. It is safe to say that I am in love, I haven't worn any of my other coats since I bought it. 

Revlon Colorstay in Ivory - £12.49

My main reason for going shopping was to get a new foundation. I have never found my perfect foundation so I always change when I need in a new one. I have heard a few good things about the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation however the palest shade was far too orange-y for me as I have quite pale skin - a problem I have with a lot of foundations. After seeing Leanne from Thunder and Threads rave about Revlon colorstay, I thought I would give it a try as she has pale skin like me. I have only used twice however I am impressed with the colour, it is ivory not orange. I plan to do a full review after using for a bit longer however I am impressed so far. 

 Sleek Brow Kit in Light - £7.99

One very good reason to visit the big Superdrug at the fort is that it sells sleek make-up. I have been eyeing up there products for a while now however the Lancaster Superdrug (which I use the most) doesn't stock sleek so I was very happy to have a look. The thing which I was desperate for was the brow kit as I have heard so many good things about it and I am really into brows at the moment. Again, I have only used this twice but I am already in love, it has definitely lived up to my expectations. 

 OPI Nail Lacquer in Be a Dahlia Won't You and Suzi Says Feng Shui 
Free gift (worth £11 each)

I also received two packages in the post this weekend. The first one I got was my two OPI nail varnishes which were a free gift for my glamour subscription. I would never pay £11 for a nail varnish so I am glad I got them for free as I want to see if they are worth the £11 price tag. I haven't tried them yet but I would recommend getting the subscription as it was £6 for 6 magazines and a free gift which is worth £22 - even it is not your favourite magazine or nail polishes it is worth it just to try them all out.

 Benefit Erase Paste in Light

I have been eyeing up benefit's erase paste for ages as I have heard so many amazing things about it. I am a sucker for concealer, I will try anything that claims to get rid of dark under eye circles (should my eyes be this bad at 20?!) and redness. The only thing putting me off getting this was the price at nearly £20 it is a lot to spend on a concealer however I was getting my mum the confessions of a concealaholic from benefit for mothers day (I am very organised) and I decided to treat myself as my bursary came last week. It only came this afternoon so I am yet to try it out but I am looking forward to getting up tomorrow so I can test it out. 

 Keep Calm Print
2 for £5

Bubble bath print
2 for £5

My final purchase of the weekend was these two canvas' from b&m bargains. My mum wanted a new print for her bedroom and b&m sell cheap wall art so we went in for a look. I was helping my mum look when I came across the pink one. It is so me, I love bubble baths - I spend hours in the bath reading and pampering myself so I had to get it. The canvas was £3 alone but it was part of a two for £5 offer so I decided to pick up the keep calm and drink tea one up as well as I love tea and it is green like my bedroom at home.

Sorry for rambling on for so long, well done to all readers who made it to this point xo

Sunday, 26 February 2012

S for Sunday Summary 003


grammar notes, monster munch and youtube

Thursday dinner

new jacket

Thursday's outfit

new print

I have had a reading week this week so I planned to do lots of work however I spent my time lying in bed watching tv on my laptop. I also took advantage of the mornings off by having a girly night in and a girly night out. However due to my slobby week I still have to write up my notes for this weeks grammar presentation which I am not looking forward to. 

I went home to Manchester this weekend to see my family. I went shopping with my mum on Saturday to Manchester Fort as I wanted to go to the big superdrug. I got a few bits so I will do a haul some time this week to show you what I got. I have been a very good grandchild and been to see them all - I did get food out it though :) 

It was my cousins best friends 18th on saturday, I was going to go out to town with them however I didn't want to ruin their fun as I tend to mother them so I just met them for a few drinks and told them to be careful. They are all still alive however they didn't get home until 7 this morning - glad I decided to sit it out. It is my dad's birthday tomorrow so me, my mum and dad stopped off at a pub on the way home for tea which was lovely. 

Friday, 24 February 2012

F for Friday Favourites

I have just recently got back into fuller skirts. For years I only wore tighter skirts (I thought they were more flattering - I was wrong!) but I bought a few in Januray and I love them. They are black so I have been looking for some which will be more suited to spring /summer and these are my favorite from ASOS. 

Thursday, 23 February 2012

L for Lazy days

Top: h&m
Skirt: New Look
Belt: New Look
Necklace: Tiffany
Nails: Barry M Clobalt Blue

I haven't done an outfit of the day in a while as haven't taken any pictures of my outfits and I have had a few days off this week so I have been living in my pj's like the lazy student I am. I wore this last week but I didn't get a chance to upload it so I thought I would share it with you now. I am loving skirts at the moment, I think they are really easy to wear - they can be dressed down with a simple tee and then dressed up with a shirt. I am also a big fan of stripes, I am a sucker for stripey tees. They are a staple in my wardrobe.

I am going out tonight so I will try and get a good picture my outfit so I can show you. I think I am going to have put a note on my wall to remind me.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

F for Face Care

My mum has always stressed the importance of looking after your skin and she definitely practices what she preaches. She moisturises everyday and takes great care of her skin. For years i have tried to follow her example but I was always too lazy. For the 5th year in a row I made the resolution to take better care of my skin and so far I have kept it up. I have always used a face wash and occasionally used a toner but now I cleanse, tone and moisturise morning and night. I have combination to oily skin however it does get very dry in the winter. I also have quite sensitive skin so if you have a similar skin type these products may help you.

Step 1: Wash your face. 
I don't have a go-to face wash, i usually go for which ever one is on offer at the time. I like to use daily scrubs as they exfoliate the face but are gentle enough for everyday use. I tend to use either a clearasil or a neutrogena face wash as they seem to work well with my skin.

Step 2: Cleanse
This is something I have only just started using and it makes a difference. I love how soft and clean my skin feels after using it. I use a cotton pad to apply it. One tip I was taught is to apply it in upward circular motions as it apparently helps get make-up out of your pores. This is just from superdrug's simply pure range which is for sensitive skin, I can't remember the price but it wasn't expensive. 

Step 3: Tone
I love how using a toner can make your skin feel so fresh.  I use a cotton pad to apply and I use this after my cleanser to take off the excess. I have had this toner for a while now as you can see from the picture. I love olay products, my mum has used a lot of their products over the years and has never complained. 

 Step 4: Moisturise
I use a day cream and a night cream. The day cream has SPF 15 which is great for me as I have very pale and sensitive skin. The night cream is thicker than day cream so my skin is always super soft when I wake up. The creams are from superdrug's Vitamin E range and where 2 for £5 when I bought them, so they were a bargin. I have had them for a while now and i still have loads of product left. 

And remember to take your make-up off!!
I use this to remove my eye make-up. I usually do it before I cleanse and tone. This is also from the simply pure range which is aimed at sensitive skin. It claims to be gentle however I have really sensitive eyes and I find that my eyes become irritated if i use a lot of product. I think I will get a cream based product next time in the hope that it is more gentle. 

Monday, 20 February 2012

B for Bargain Alert!

My new headband. I am wearing Barry M nail paint in Pink Flamingo 

I thought these were three seperate necklaces but they are attached. I am going to try and find someway of making them indivdual necklace.

MUA Pressed powder in Shade 4, GOSH concealer brush, Neutrogena cream wash

I love a good bargain just like everyone else but I have to say my favourites are the ones where when you get to the till and you find out it has been reduced. I was in New Look the other day and I was being very good and not looking at any clothes - I spent a fortune the week before my birthday so I am trying to be good plus I have very limited space in my uni bedroom, my wardrobe and draws are bursting at the seem - so I hovered around the accessories section while I wait for my friend to try on a dress when I came across a buy-one-get-one-free offer. I had already picked up a headband and then I found a necklace which was also in the offer so I toddled off to the till with my headband and necklace thinking it would be £5 and I was pretty pleased with myself. I pulled a fiver out of my purse at the till and just handed it over without looking a the price and I ended up with a handful of change. It turns out that both items were reduced to £2.50 which meant that I paid £2.50 for £10 worth of stuff. Happy Days!!!

I also picked up some bits from Superdrug, I cannot just go in, buy face wash and leave. I always end up buying something else. I was looking at the MUA stand which was very bare and I decided I wanted a bronzer however they were really dark but I noticed the pressed powers next to them and shade 4. caught my eye so I thought I would pick it up and use it for contouring. I also picked up a GOSH concealer brush because it was 99p. I have no will power over cheap make-up - I don't need a concealer brush and it doesn't look like the best quality but I bought it anyway. I haven't used any of them so I can't tell you anymore but if they turn out to be hidden gems I will let you all know.  

Sunday, 19 February 2012

S for Sunday Summary 002

·           I spent Valentines day with my best friend. We had a chippy tea before heading out to the pictures to watch Tom Hardy and Chris Pine fight over Reese Witherspoon (lucky girl) and ended the night with some yummy cocktails.

·        It was Laura's birthday on Wednesday so we celebrated with my mummy's homemade cheese and onion pie and a gorgeous lemon cake before heading out into town. As always I spent my night dancing away and didn't take a single picture.

·        A surprise visit from Laura's mum and dad on Thursday resulted in a lift home from uni (it was raining, yay!) and a free meal (double yay!).  I had lasagne, it was huge and came with chips - I ate it all. I also managed a hot chocolate with a mountain of whipped cream. 

·        A trip to Asda on Saturday turned into an afternoon at the super bowl in Morecombe. I lost at air hockey and bowling (twice). I am still sulking now, I am really competitive and hate loosing but it is the taking part that counts.. right?!..

·        I watched some of Whitney Houston's funeral but it was far too long. It was ridiculous. I love Whitney as much as the next person however 3 hours 40 minutes is insane, no wonder the Reverend had a tea break. How bored was the choir guy behind him?!

·        I had big plans with my magazines and the last of the dairy milk for Saturday night. Yes, I know that I am young and free and I should be out having the time of my life but I just could not be bothered to get ready and go out.

·        I have had a very lazy Sunday. I haven't got dressed all day, I just put on a different pair of pj's after my shower. Me and Laura made bangers and mash for tea with roast veggies, prefect Sunday tea.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

F for Free Samples

I don't know about anyone else but I love getting free samples in magazines. I got the lastest Glamour magazine over the weekend and it had a few free samples. There were two foundation samples (Channel and Rimmel) and a mystery face wash and mask. I know you don't get a lot in the samples but a first impression have a big impact. One downside is the colour but it would be impossoble for everyone to get the right shade. I am quite pale so I tend to use the samples after I have used false tan to get a better match. 

I am currently on the look out for a new foundation and I have looked at the Rimmel Wake Me Up so I am really happy about getting a sample (I also got one in this months Elle). I would love to wear Chanel make-up however I am on a student budget :( I am pretty happy with the Chanel sample as it means that I will get a chance to have Chanel all over my face before I am 30!

I am excited to try the mystery face mask/wash. I love the idea of creating a buzz about a product and I cannot wait for more to be revealed about the product.

I also got a free Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara with this months Elle. I have just bought a new mascara so I haven't opened it yet as I don't want it to dry out. I have heard a lot of good things about this mascara so I hope it lives up to the expectations. I will post a review when I have used it a few times.

Friday, 17 February 2012

F for Friday Favourites

I said in my Sunday post that I want to try and create a blogging routine so I have come up with Friday Favourites. This idea came to me on Monday night as I was doing some online window shopping. I was on Missguided's website and I was really impressed with their knitwear so I decided to do a top 5 on my favourite items. When I thought of the idea I did plan to do Top 5 Tuesdays however Mondays and Tuesdays can be busy as I am in Uni all day whereas I have less lectures at the end of the week so I will have more time to blog.

My Missguided Knitwear Favourites

I have never bought anything from Missguided before however I have a feeling that it won't be long until I do. The clothes look lovely plus the quality looks good. The cardigans look really thick and cosy. I like my knitwear to be thick so it will keep me nice and warm.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

V for Valentines Stripes

Happy Belated Valentines Day everyone! 

I was going to post this last night but by the time I got home I just wanted to get in my lovely bed. I was lucky enough to receive a valentines day card and a present.... from my  best friends. I loved the card from Simon however his poem was a poor attempt at football banter. Laura bought me some love hearts so I did get one thing from my Valentines Wish List.

I celebrated my Valentines Day with my bestie Laura by going to see an advanced screening of This Means War with Tom Hardy and Chris Pine. I am in love, not only are they both gorgeous, the film was actually really funny, the guy next to me was nearly crying at one point. Big thumbs up from me. We finished the night off with some cocktails at yates, they had a valentines special on and it was delish plus it was only £5 for a pitcher :)

Shirt: Primark
Skirt: New Look
Belt: New Look
Boots: KG

Nails: Colbalt Blue 

This is what I wore out yesterday. I am in keeping with the stripe theme from yesterday. I  wore this outfit for uni yesterday but with a blue and white stripy top and my grandad cardigan as it is comfy and helps keep me nice and warm.