Sunday, 26 February 2012

S for Sunday Summary 003


grammar notes, monster munch and youtube

Thursday dinner

new jacket

Thursday's outfit

new print

I have had a reading week this week so I planned to do lots of work however I spent my time lying in bed watching tv on my laptop. I also took advantage of the mornings off by having a girly night in and a girly night out. However due to my slobby week I still have to write up my notes for this weeks grammar presentation which I am not looking forward to. 

I went home to Manchester this weekend to see my family. I went shopping with my mum on Saturday to Manchester Fort as I wanted to go to the big superdrug. I got a few bits so I will do a haul some time this week to show you what I got. I have been a very good grandchild and been to see them all - I did get food out it though :) 

It was my cousins best friends 18th on saturday, I was going to go out to town with them however I didn't want to ruin their fun as I tend to mother them so I just met them for a few drinks and told them to be careful. They are all still alive however they didn't get home until 7 this morning - glad I decided to sit it out. It is my dad's birthday tomorrow so me, my mum and dad stopped off at a pub on the way home for tea which was lovely.