Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Porefessional

I am sure everyone is familiar with this product as it has been famous in the blogging world for quite a while now. I got this for my birthday back in February and at first I couldn't really see a difference so I stopped using it.  It was only when I stopped using it that I noticed how much difference it had made to my make-up. 

The application of my make-up felt much smoother as did my skin with this product. I do have oily to combination skin so I do need a primer especially in my t-zone otherwise my foundation doesn't last for more than a few hours. I have definitely found that my make-up is staying in place more with this product and my skin doesn't look or feel as oily. 

The main thing that attracted me to the porefessional was the claim that it minimises pores. I hate it when my pores can be seen through my make-up therefore I was desperate to get my hands on this. While this product does not hide my pores altogether (does such a product even exist??) it does minimise them and I have noticed the difference. This product will be a permanent feature in my make-up bag for the foreseeable future. 

One gripe I do have about this product is the price, it is £23.50 for 10ml which is a little bit ridiculous, I think that £15-£20 would be more reasonable. That said, I will definitely be repurchasing this when I run out as I really do love it. While the product is expensive for the small amount you get, it has to be said that a little goes a long away. On days were I am not going to be wearing make-up for a long period of time I just tend to put it on my t-zone so you don't need to smoother it all over your face. I would really recommend this product and if you are not willing to spend £23.50 on it then you can get your hands on a travel size in next months Glamour magazine. I will definitely be stocking up a £2 an issue. 

becki xo

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Casual Clothes and Casual Hair

Top: Primark
Skirt: New Look
Belt: Primark

This is just a really simple outfit which is what I would call causal although I do realize that others do not just wear skirts and dresses everyday with boots. Both the top and skirt are really basic staple items in my wardrobe and together with the belt they are effortless and easy to wear while still retaining my edgy girly style.

Also my hair is in a bun! This is big news as I hardly ever wear my hair up, I always make time to do my hair before I leave the house. For the past year I have been curling my hair almost daily as it is my favourite style and I think it suits me the most however I have just been blow drying it recently and then not doing anything else with it so it is straight which is my hairs natural state. When I was younger and still in school I used to straighten my hair every single day despite the fact that it was already pretty straight, looking back on pictures now I wonder what on earth me and the rest of the girls in my year were thinking?? 

Anyway, I have worn my hair up outside a few times recently. I used to shy away from having all my hair pulled back of my face as I felt too exposed and couldn't hide behind my locks however I as I have got older and learnt more about skincare and a good concealer I have got more confidence to go out without doing my hair. I am still not sure if the up do is for me, I have quite a round face however it does make life easier if you can pull your hair onto your head in less than a minute when you have a 9 o'clock after a night out.  

Becki xo

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Little Bow Print

Dress: h&m
Jumper: New Look
Belt: Primark
Necklace: Tiffany
Bag: Vintage

I have recently become a bit obsessed with printed skirts at the moment so I have been using my summer dresses as skirts and wearing t-shirts or thin jumpers over them. I really like doing this as means I can get a lot of wear out of my summer dresses which we still don't have the weather for. 

I have not really been up to much this week apart from revising. I did have a little trip to town today to get some spot cream as a group of them have decided to take up residence on my chin - lucky I have been stuck inside revising so I have been able to hide them from the world. I also got some heat protection spray as I am very bad at looking after my hair - I use a lot of heat on my hair and never use any product on it so I am trying to be good to it in the hope 

I did also end up in New Look and came out with a new dress and clutch, oppps. I have no will power when it comes to shopping. My name is Becki and I am a shopaholic. In my defence the dress was on sale and the bag was just too lovely to leave behind.

Becki xo

Monday, 7 May 2012

Collective Haul

ASOS alfredo boots

Asos boots

Miss Selfridge Sandals

Nude ballet pumps - Primark

Black jersey high-low skirt - Primark

Pale pink skirt - H&M

Primark mini print skirt

Primark basics

7up top - New Look

Smurf and Mickey tees - Primark

Necklace: River Island
Rings: Topshop

I have been meaning to post some of these pictures for a while now however I didn't get the chance as I was really busy so all this stuff has been bought over a long period of time. I will post some pictures of me wearing these so you can see how I would wear them.

Becki xo

Friday, 4 May 2012

April Favourites

I cannot believe it is may already. This year is going way too fast, I will be a third year soon, eekkk! You may have noticed that all my photo's have been taken on my iphone, I am in desperate need of a new camera and I am hoping to get one when all my exams have finished as a treat for myself.

001. My first two favourites need no introduction to the blogging world and they are the real technique brushes. My two favourites are the buffing brush and the deluxe crease brush. I have seen a million reviews on the buffing brush aka. "the best foundation brush ever" however I have not seen many reviews on the eye brushes. I love all the eye brushes however I now cannot live without the deluxe crease brush, it is amazing. It is great for eye shadow, highlighter and concealer. I use this brush everyday with out fail.

002. My second favourite is the Barry M kohl pencil in brown. I prefer brown eye liner in the day time as black can look really heavy on my pale skin and wash me out so brown is perfect. I have worn this eyeliner everyday this month, even for going out at night. This eyeliner lasts all day without smudging however I only tend to wear it on my eye lids in the day so I don't know how well it holds up on your water line for long periods of time but I have never had a problem with it.

003. I said in my march favourites that I have never really been into blushes and I am slowly getting into them and I have read so many rave reviews about topshop make-up so I decided to pick up a blush. I picked the shade 'Head over Heels' and I think it is perfect for my pale skin. It blends really well which I love as it looks really natural and doesn't look too harsh on my skin, I will definately be on the lookout for more topshop blushes.

004. My final two favourites are 'your lips but better' lipsticks. The shades are Barry M in 150 and Revlon in Mauve it over. I have been alternating between the two all month. They are both really natural colours and are slighter darker than my lips (which are quite red). The Barry M lipstick is more moisturisng than the revlon one as it is not matte like the relvon one so I tend to wear that on days were my lips are dry. I think these lipsticks would be great for any skintone and are perfect for daytime or night time if you want a simple lip colour.

I went shopping today as a celebration for the end of all my coursework and I have collected a few things over the past month so expect a rather large haul of things coming up.

becki xo