Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Guess who's back!!

It has been so long since my last blog post, the time has flown by. I mentioned a few posts ago that I had a ridiculous amount of essays to write which were due over Easter so I took a break from blogging as the last thing I wanted to do was spend my free time tapping away on my laptop as I would end up resenting blogging and for me it is just a hobby at the moment. However after I handed in all my coursework I only had a few weeks before my exams kicked in so I jumped straight into revision. I could probably have blogged during my exam period as I wasn't spending all my time on my computer however I literally wore leggings and pj bottoms while revising so outfit posts would not have been the best you have ever seen. The make-up front has also been lacking as I have been giving my skin a break while I have been stuck inside so I haven't tried any new products. 

After finishing my exams I went away for a week with my grandma and grandad for a relaxing break and then I am headed back to uni for extrav which is a big event/party which each collage at Lancaster throws at the end of each year and then ended the week with the Stone Roses at Heaton Park with my family. I did take a few pictures of my outfits on holiday but they are not the best so I plan to recreate them with slightly better light. 

I am really into styling at the moment which basically means I sit and look at all my clothes and imagine all the different outfits I could create so I think I will do some styling posts on some of my favourite things. I am thinking of hi-low skirts, stripes, neon and print. I am willing to do some others if I they are things that I own and wear if anyone has any requests. 

I also got a really great response to my porefessional review so I will be reviewing more of my favourite beauty products as well. I am always really late on blogging hype and I think after the first few reviews people get bored of reading about products so I will probably be reviewing the things which I love that are not as popular so that I can share something different with you. 

As I cannot have a blog post without pictures, I have a some snaps of me from the stone roses and extrav.

becki xo

Me, mum and dad at the stone roses

Me and my housemates at extrav

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