Sunday, 11 March 2012

S for Sunday Summary 005

magazine addict

lecture notes

 Toffee Crunch ice cream


 Sunday breakfast

 Laura bought me a watch ring, broke in less than 5 mintues

nerdin' about

 Top of the class, so proud

Cheeky V

My week has been pretty average, I have been in uni and doing uni work - I have been quite the boring student. I have started watching new girl this week and I have become a little obsessed, I am up to episode 11 already - I just love Jess and all her clothes. I watched the last harry potter on friday night and cried as usual. I am the worst person to watch a film with, I talk all the way through it and always cry. 

My weekend: did some washing, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the bathroom, ate food, attempted grammar reading, bought viva glam nicki lipstick online, ranted about flatmates who never clean, watched tv, ate more food, went out, did more washing, watched football, ate food, watched tv, ate more food.  

I have my last two presentations of second year this week so I will busy with uni but I will be so glad when they are done. I am looking forward to celebrating with my groups and hopefully toasting our A's although I will be happy with never having to make grammar interesting.


  1. You've obviously been very productive! I love mini waffles. Xx

  2. really nice post :) the food looks so yummy nd you're so pretty :D
    in btw you have a really nice blog, dear :))


  3. After looking at this post again I realise that most of my pictures are of food, the most worrying part is that it is a pretty good representation of my week.

    Sheree, I haven't had any in ages and I am now addicted.

    Flrting with fashion, the food was very yummy :)