Tuesday, 6 March 2012

L for Lace, Lists and inappropriate Licks

Dress: Primark
Belt: New Look
Jacket: Miss Selfridge
Necklace: Tiffany

I have had a full day in uni today so I am glad to be home in and in my pj's now and waiting for my big fat gypsy wedding to come on, bliss. I am in a list writing mood today so I thought I would share my day with you in list form.

1. Ripped a pair of tights
2. Made a fish finger sandwich with 5 fish fingers 
3. Got my dress caught on Laura's bag in the middle of Alex square (the middle of campus, lots of people)
4. Got toffee crunch ice cream from ice cream shop on campus
5. Accidently made an inappropriate suggestion about licking each others ice cream which was taken the wrong way, understandable looking back on it
6. Made some lecture notes in doodle form
7. Got my dress caught on Laura's bag, this time on the bus,  tying to get off, lots of people we know, looked like a man walking his dog, I was the dog, walked half way home like this, freedom
8. Ripped another pair of tights


  1. Ahh lists are so cathartic aren't they? :) I lvoe making my work notes in doodle form. They look like my own incredibly uninteresting comic book <3

    Gorgeous outfit! I love lace paired with tough accessories.. though other people's bags don't really count heheh :)



    1. It makes revision more exciting :)

      Thank-you, haha i didn't plan for the extra bag but it was black so it worked well with the outfit xx

    2. I LOVE this dress! great find!