Sunday, 12 February 2012

S for Sunday Summary 001

I love the idea of having a set posts every week, I am a sucker for routine. Sunday nights are normally quite chilled and relaxed so it is the perfect time to get some blogging done. The Sunday Summary is a post about my week and what I have been up to so it is basically my chance to have a little ramble about my life. 

I have been back home in Manchester since Wednesday due to a broken boiler which resulted in sub zero temperatures. I was already planning to go home for the weekend as I had plans so I came back early. Me and my mum went had tea with my Grandma and Grandad on Friday night. I love having dinner with them as they make the best food and always have lots of wine. They can be hard work as my Grandad loves to wind people up, especially my Gran and it did feel like me and my mum were looking after five years olds at points. 

Last night I went to a 21st of a family friend. It was a good night as I saw some people who I haven't seen for a while so it was nice to catch up. I only took a quick snap of my outfit as I was late getting ready, as always.

Dress: Boohoo 
Belt: New Look

Today I went to The Church Green with my family for mine and my dad's birthday. Me and my dad love watching cooking shows together and have wanted to the Church Green for a while now as it is Aiden Byrne's restaurant. I did plan to take some pictures of the room and my dinner however I completely forgot due to the presence of food. The food was lovely and the staff were so helpful and polite which is something I really notice as I have worked in a hotel since I was 16. 

I am now back in Lancaster with a working boiler :) I still can't get over how cold it was last week. I could see my own breath!!


  1. I love this dress! looks amazing! Cute pictures!

    Hope you visit me on my Blog

  2. Thank-you! The dress was a bargain from the boohoo sale.

    Love your blog, so pretty xo