Saturday, 11 February 2012

M for Minty fresh

Top: Primark
Skirt: New Look
Belt: New look

I wore this outfit yesterday and thought i would take a quick snap with my phone to show you guys. I have just recently started wearing skirts like this, before this i just used to wear the little h&m skirts. I paired this with black tight which I could not live without and my  black KG boots . I don't normally buy expensive footwear but it was my birthday a few weeks ago and i fell in love with them. I have just noticed that they have gone down in price :( don't you just hate that.

I know it is not the best picture but I think that OOTD posts are great for sharing your everyday style and personality. I tend to wear skirts and dresses everyday or leggings if I want a more casual/lazy style or just need some extra layers. 

When i was in school i lived in jeans or denim skirts. My style has completely changed since then, i never wear jeans anymore or any pants really, I don't think that they flatter me as I am quite curvy and I used to be really lazy when i wore jeans; I would just throw on a t-shirt with some pumps or boots.I like to try and make an effort everyday with what I am wearing, I know that if i am wearing something which I like I feel so much better than if i have just pulled out the first things I see.                                             


  1. Thanks for following me, now following you back. BTW fab outfit!

  2. This is a really lovely outfit :)

    Laura xoxo

  3. Cute blog:) Keep up the great work!


  4. Love the mint green polka dot top. So cute.


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  7. Love the green skirt, looks great on you! x